According to the IRS, a special write-off for cash contributions is provided for 2021 tax year for taxpayers who give to charity. This special deduction is offered to anyone  even if they take the standard deduction and do not itemize deductions.

For Non-itemizers:

  1. What are the maximum limits for deduction?
    1. Single/ Married Filing Separately/ Head of Household: US$300
    2. Married Filing Jointly: US$600


  1. What kind of donations are eligible?

Any cash contributions made to qualifying charitable organizations by check, credit cards and debit cards, are counted towards the special deduction.

To determine if it is a qualified organization for charitable contributions:


For Itemizers:

  1. What benefits are allowed?

In previous years, tax deductions for taxpayers who itemize were limited to 20% to 60% of their adjusted gross income (“AGI”). In 2021, the AGI ceilings on charitable contributions are revised to allow deductions up to 100% for qualifying cash contributions.


Extra Tips for Tax Filing:

Remember to ask for an acknowledgement when you donate to charity! It can be in the form of a receipt, thank-you letter or even email response.


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