With all the current technology, many U.S. taxpayers are allowed to electronically file their tax returns and pay taxes online… even while living overseas. At American Pacific Tax, we use secure channels and encryption software to help our clients manager their tax information securely so they can electronically file their tax returns.

AP tax mailing

However, certain taxpayers may still file by paper for reasons such as 1) they may choose to file on paper, 2) their filing status may be married filing separately with a foreign spouse (who does not have a social security number or ITIN), or 3) there may be certain forms the IRS does not accept electronically for taxpayers living overseas requiring taxpayers to “paper file” tax returns. The IRS provides a list of addresses that tax returns should be mailed to (see mailing addresses here). Some taxpayers may choose to use private delivery service like: DHL, FedEx or UPS (see approved methods here). If using any of these private delivery methods, tax returns may not be able to be delivered to the IRS’s instructed addresses based on the Form 1040 instructions. As such, the IRS has provided a list of addresses for taxpayers to mail their returns using private delivery service (see mailing addresses using private delivery service). Remember to keep your mailing receipts in a safe organized place.

Please be sure to contact us if you have questions about filing tax returns living overseas.