As the year draws to a close, now is an excellent time to review your current tax planning strategies to ensure they’re still meeting your needs and to develop plans for 2017. It’s also a good time to take advantage of last-minute planning opportunities that could save you money now and in the coming year. To help planning, we’re sending you below:

Here’s a link to the presentation about US tax updates and 2016 planning.

2016 tax updates and key issues to be aware of relating to your end-of-year review.
An invitation to a free 1-hour presentation in Hong Kong on November 17th (which may qualify for CPT/CPD/CE credit)


1. 2016 Tax Updates

FBAR (Form 114) deadline changed to April 15, 2017
Please note for calendar year 2016, FinCEN Form 114 FBAR will be due on April 15, 2017. This has changed from the previous deadline of June 30. Taxpayers will also be allowed an automatic 6 month extension if necessary. 
Tax Identity Theft Is a Significant Threat
Our firm takes security very seriously, so we want to begin our letter this year with a reminder that tax identity theft is a growing problem. Unfortunately, it can take many forms, so beware if you:
Receive a notice or letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding a tax return, tax bill or income that does not apply to you. It’s possible that someone has filed a false return using your Social Security number (SSN) to claim a refund or get a job. Between February 2011 and December 2015, the IRS identified almost 1.1 million taxpayers who were victims of employment-related identity theft.
Get an unsolicited email or other contact asking for your bank account number or other financial details or personal information — such as your SSN. The IRS does not contact taxpayers using email, text or other social media channels, so it’s likely that a scammer is trying to steal your confidential information.
Receive a robocall insisting that you must call back and settle your tax bill. Your first contact with the IRS will be through official correspondence by mail; they will not call you out of the blue. Also, the IRS does not demand immediate payment over the phone, threaten to arrest you or demand your credit or debit card number or that you use a certain payment method — such as a gift card — to pay your taxes. If you receive any suspicious communications from the IRS, you can report the contact by filling out this IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting form or call 800.366.4484. We also urge you to contact our office for advice whenever you receive communication from the IRS or believe you might have been the victim of identity theft.
What Will a New Administration Mean to You?
Are you wondering if a new president — and a wave of newly elected senators and representatives — could have an impact on tax, business and financial regulation and on your tax return or overall financial planning? Given the longstanding gridlock in Washington, it seems reasonable that we might not see significant change, at least over the near term. However, you can be sure we will alert to any new developments that may have an impact.
Whether it’s working toward retirement or getting answers to your tax and financial questions, we are here for you. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further options to minimize your tax bill and position you for greater success.
Be Sure Your Retirement Planning Is Up to Date
            We recommend that you review your retirement situation at least annually and make revisions and adjustments as needed. That includes making the most of tax-advantaged retirement saving options. For example, if you’re eligible, there’s still time to contribute up to $5,500 in total ($6,500 if you’re 50 or over) to a traditional or Roth IRA; you may be able to even deduct your contribution to a traditional IRA. If you’re heading closer to retirement, we can help you determine whether you’re on target to reach your savings goals.

2. November 17 Free Seminar on  US expats 2016 Year End Tax Planning and Physical vs Listed Real Estate Investing  
We are pleased to be doing a joint presentation with Global Financial Markets Group’s (GFM Group) Tariq Dennison (
Title: Investing in Physical Property vs Liquid REITs: Risk, Return, and US Expat 2016 Year-End Tax Planning
When: Thursday, November 17th 2016, 6:30-7:30pm
Where: UNO, 6th Floor, 88 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong
CPT / CPD / CE: Attendees will receive a certificate confirming 1 hour of attendance, which may be used for CPT/CPD/CE credit at their firm’s discretion



隨著一年即將結束,現在是一個很好的時間來計劃審查您當前的稅收,以確保滿足您的需求並製定2017年的計劃。這也是一個好時機,利用最後一刻的計劃機會,可以節省你現在和來年的錢。 為了幫助規劃,詳細內容如下:


獲邀請於11月17日在香港免費1小時的演講(符合CPT / CPD / CE信用證)

1. 2016年稅務更新

請注意於2016年度,FinCEN表格114 FBAR到期日已從6月30日更改為2017年4月15日。如有需要納稅人亦可以自動延期6個月。


基於稅務身份竊取的問題日益嚴重, 今年開始多加提醒您此問題的嚴重性, 對此我們公司非常重視。請小心有多種形式竊取您的個人資料, 安全提示:

收到來自美國國稅局(IRS)關於納稅申報單,稅單或收入的通知或信件但並不是你申報。可能有人使用您的社會安全號碼(SSN)提出了虛假申報,要求退款或獲得工作。 在2011年2月至2015年12月期間,IRS確定了近110萬納稅人都是與就業相關被竊取身份的受害者。

獲取不明電子郵件或其他聯繫方式,要求您提供銀行帳號或其他財務詳細信息或個人信息,例如您的SSN。 IRS是不會通過電子郵件,文字或其他社交媒體渠道與納稅人聯繫,因此騙子可能試圖竊取您的機密信息。

當收到自稱來自美國國稅局要求你必須支付稅金。 您與IRS的第一次聯繫將通過正式信件通信; 美國國稅局不會透過電話聯繫。 此外,IRS不會要求通過電話立即付款,威脅逮捕您,要求您的信用卡或借記卡號,或要求您使用某種付款方式(如禮品卡)支付稅款。 如果您收到來自IRS的任何可疑通信,您可以通過填寫此IRS Impersonation Scam報告表單或致電800.366.4484報告聯繫人。 若您收到IRS的通信或可能是身份盜用的受害者時,請即與我們聯繫。


你想知道一位新總統和一系列新當選的參議員和代表是否會對稅務,商業和金融監管以及您的納稅申報或整體財務計劃產生影響? 鑑於華盛頓長期存在的僵局,我們似乎看不到在近期內會有任何重大變化。不過可以肯定的是我們會警惕著有任何新進展是可能產生影響的。

無論是退休還是解決您的稅務和財務問題,我們都在這里為您服務。 如果您想討論更多選項以減少您的稅單並為您取得更大的成功,請與我們聯繫。


我們建議您至少每年檢查一次退休情況,並根據需要進行修訂和調整。 這包括充分利用稅收優惠的退休儲蓄方案。 例如,如果您符合資格, 有能力繳納傳統IRA或Roth IRA支付高達5,500美元(如果您是50歲或以上,則為6,500美元);甚至可以扣除你對傳統IRA的稅項。 如果您更接近退休,我們可以幫助您確定您是否達到了實現儲蓄的目標。

2. 11月17日免費研討會2016年末美國稅務規劃和實物與上市房地產投資

我們很高興與Global Financial Markets集團(GFM集團)Tariq Dennison (聯合演講

CPT / CPD / CE:確認出席1小時, 與會者將收到一份證書,,可用於公司自行決定的CPT / CPD / CE信用