There are many aspects of tax return preparation that need to be considered. By having a professional tax preparer on your team, the following issues can be handled providing the most efficient results.


  1. Complexity
    • U.S. tax returns for individuals living abroad are more complicated than in the US. Each taxpayer has their own different which requires different forms and preparation methods.
    • In 2015, there were 74,608 pages in the federal tax code
    • In 2008 the U.S. Treasury estimated around 10% of the expat tax returns contain errors.
    • By seeking for professional help, chances of errors are reduced. Taxpayers are less likely to pay an incorrect bill that may lead to interest and penalties.
    • Online Tax Calculators may not be reliable and cannot be applied in more complex situations, also you may miss out important details that need to be used in calculations.
  2. Time
    • It takes a long time to complete the entire tax return procedure.
    • In 2012, the IRS estimates that it will require 16 hours to devote to record keeping, tax planning and completion for the average federal form 1040. This applies to 69% of all taxpayers.

  1. Missed Deductions and Credits
    • You may miss out certain amount of tax exclusions. Professional tax preparers will make sure that you have claimed all the benefits which you are supposed to have.
    • Makes sure that you are not overpaying your bills by incorrect self-calculations
  2. Frequent Changes in the Tax Code and Rules
    • Since 2001, the U.S. Tax Codes has had more than 5,000 changes.
    • Requires a large amount of time and effort to keep up with
  3. Peace of Mind
    • The IRS may challenge tax returns for up to 3 years after they have been filed. By having a professional tax preparer, it ensures that your returns are accurate and you will have someone on your team if your return is ever selected for audit.



有很多方面的納稅申報準備需要考慮。 通過擁有專業稅務團隊,可以處理以下問題,從而提供最有效的結果。


  1. 複雜性
    • 對於在海外生活美國公民的個人的納稅申報比在美國更為複雜。 每個納稅人都有自己的不同,需要不同的形式和準備方法。
    • 在2015年,聯邦稅法中有74,608頁
    • 2008年美國財政部估計約10%的外籍納稅申報有錯誤的。</li >
    • 通過尋求專業幫助,減少錯誤的機會。 納稅人不可能支付不正確的帳單,而導致的利息和罰款。
    • 在線稅務計算器亦可能不可靠,不能應用於更複雜的情況,也可能會錯過需要在計算中使用的重要細節。
  2. 時間
    • 完成整個納稅申報程序需要很長時間。
    • 在2012年,美國國稅局估計,需要16個小時用於記錄保存,稅務策劃和完成1040報表.這適用於所有納稅人的69%。
  1. 遺漏的扣稅項目
    • 您可能會錯過一定數量的免稅。 專業稅務準備員將確保您聲明了您應該擁有的所有福利。
    • 確保您不會通過不正確的計算支付過多的稅款。
  2. 稅法和規則變動頻繁
    • 自2001年以來,美國稅務法規已經有5000多項變更。
    • 需要大量的時間去完成。
  3. 追溯期
    • 美國國稅局可能在提交申報後最多3年時提出納稅申報。 通過專業稅務專員的幫助,確保您的報稅更為準確,您須要專業的團隊為你作出審計。